The Memory of the Setting Summer Sun

  • The memory of the setting summer Sun,
  • Of warm and happy Life under his gaze,
  • Has given way to Autumn’s dark and dun,
  • And Winter’s icy dark and shortened days.
  • Now Winter thinks himself to be the god,
  • T’whom all must t’appease and supplicate,
  • While he destroy Life’s happiness by rod
  • Of punishment called, “Loneliness” and “Fate.”
  • But Sun is growing stronger by the day,
  • To melt the seeming Fate of Winter’s cold,
  • And introduce his own by golden ray,
  • To grow all future Life in living gold.
  • This is the Fate I make for you and me,
  • For I am Sun and you are Life, you see.

Copyright, John Justice, 2015

Are there better men than I?

  • Are there better men than I, who’ve sought your love:
  • So rich and powerful, or smooth of tongue,
  • Or handsome, fun or otherwise above,
  • Or more successful on life’s ladder’s rung?
  • Have they taken you to dine at the right place,
  • And given you a thrill, a moment’s smile,
  • And made you like and want them face to face;
  • Well, where are they now and where for such long while?
  • But I am here and will, since you’re around,
  • Be ever blessed to know you, thus to hold
  • The memory of your beauty, when I found
  • It in your every word and deed so bold.
  • There are better men than I but where are they?
  • None better loves you now and never may.

Copyright John Justice, 2015

Since I’s a boy

  • Since I’s a boy I’ve always loved to fight,
  • To prove myself that I’m the better man,
  • To take his power away from him is right!
  • To show my strength and goodness that I can;
  • But fight a master warrior like you,
  • So understrength and ill-prepared was I,
  • My mind and body traitors, my heart too,
  • So weak the weapons ‘gainst your panoply;
  • Your arms and shoulders first to launch attack,
  • Your hips and thighs were bringing up the rear,
  • Your breast and neck and face left ruin and rack,
  • Your smile and face caused sweet and happy fear:
  • Valiantly I fought against love’s war,
  • Pitilessly you won forever more!

Copyright John Justice 2015

But who are you to me?

  • But who are you to me or I to you?
  • We didn’t know each other half a year;
  • It was only business – nothing more ado;
  • And barely business friends were we, it’s clear!
  • You merely drove me home conveniently,
  • A simple act of friendship, nothing more;
  • A mere two automata acting free,
  • But why then are our hearts still aching sore?
  • Because, my Love, you cut my heart and soul,
  • With words of love, you never knew you said,
  • And I in poems your virtues did extol,
  • To show you your true goodness, as you read.
  • Pretend you do not love nor know me still;
  • I loved you then, and now, and always will.

copyright John Justice 2015


If I’ve had a better Time…

  • If I’ve had a better time in all my life,
  • Than writing loving poetry for you,
  • Than making feelings thoughts – emotions rife,
  • To be inspired in everything I do,
  • Than putting down on paper all my love,
  • For the most deserving woman that I know,
  • To think of you alone yet all above,
  • It can only be this one thing I will show;
  • It’s to see your face, when I give you your song;
  • It’s to feel your fingers snatch your sacred text;
  • It’s to watch your beauteous eyes grow big and long;
  • It’s to hear your angel voice recite what’s next.
  • That is the best of all the best times past.
  • That is the best and always will it last.

copyright John Justice 2015