If I’ve had a better Time…

  • If I’ve had a better time in all my life,
  • Than writing loving poetry for you,
  • Than making feelings thoughts – emotions rife,
  • To be inspired in everything I do,
  • Than putting down on paper all my love,
  • For the most deserving woman that I know,
  • To think of you alone yet all above,
  • It can only be this one thing I will show;
  • It’s to see your face, when I give you your song;
  • It’s to feel your fingers snatch your sacred text;
  • It’s to watch your beauteous eyes grow big and long;
  • It’s to hear your angel voice recite what’s next.
  • That is the best of all the best times past.
  • That is the best and always will it last.

copyright John Justice 2015

Published by Subject and Predicate

The subject and predicate are all, In a sentence of tale short or tall: The subject's "who" or "what," The predicate's the lot, Of everything else - verb and all.

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