Writing is like

Writing is, like, sort of speaking in words that, ah, are written, sort of fing;… But when you write for poetry or song, Your Mind, then, soars way up unto the heights, Inspired it becomes for short or long, And makes a better work for Fancy’s flights. The secrets of good work, I’ll teach to […]

Man a Person

But “man” just means “person,” unless some particular “male” or “males” are meant. This double usage exists in English but not in Latin or Greek. In Greek the two nouns, “anthropos,” and “aner,” and Latin has “homo” and “vir.” Both “anthropos” and “homo” are used generally for humans, and rarely specifically for a “male person.” […]

The Memory of the Setting Summer Sun

The memory of the setting Summer Sun, Of warm and happy Life under his gaze, Has given way to Autumn’s dark and dun, And Winter’s icy dark and shortened days: Now Winter thinks himself to be the god, T’whom all must bow t’appease and supplicate, While he destroys Life’s happiness by rod, Of punishment called […]