Since I’s a boy

  • Since I’s a boy I’ve always loved to fight,
  • To prove myself that I’m the better man,
  • To take his power away from him is right!
  • To show my strength and goodness that I can;
  • But fight a master warrior like you,
  • So understrength and ill-prepared was I,
  • My mind and body traitors, my heart too,
  • So weak the weapons ‘gainst your panoply;
  • Your arms and shoulders first to launch attack,
  • Your hips and thighs were bringing up the rear,
  • Your breast and neck and face left ruin and rack,
  • Your smile and face caused sweet and happy fear:
  • Valiantly I fought against love’s war,
  • Pitilessly you won forever more!

Copyright John Justice 2015

Published by Subject and Predicate

The subject and predicate are all, In a sentence of tale short or tall: The subject's "who" or "what," The predicate's the lot, Of everything else - verb and all.

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