The Memory of the Setting Summer Sun

  • The memory of the setting summer Sun,
  • Of warm and happy Life under his gaze,
  • Has given way to Autumn’s dark and dun,
  • And Winter’s icy dark and shortened days.
  • Now Winter thinks himself to be the god,
  • T’whom all must t’appease and supplicate,
  • While he destroy Life’s happiness by rod
  • Of punishment called, “Loneliness” and “Fate.”
  • But Sun is growing stronger by the day,
  • To melt the seeming Fate of Winter’s cold,
  • And introduce his own by golden ray,
  • To grow all future Life in living gold.
  • This is the Fate I make for you and me,
  • For I am Sun and you are Life, you see.

Copyright, John Justice, 2015

Published by Subject and Predicate

The subject and predicate are all, In a sentence of tale short or tall: The subject's "who" or "what," The predicate's the lot, Of everything else - verb and all.

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