Are there better men than I?

  • Are there better men than I, who’ve sought your love:
  • So rich and powerful, or smooth of tongue,
  • Or handsome, fun or otherwise above,
  • Or more successful on life’s ladder’s rung?
  • Have they taken you to dine at the right place,
  • And given you a thrill, a moment’s smile,
  • And made you like and want them face to face;
  • Well, where are they now and where for such long while?
  • But I am here and will, since you’re around,
  • Be ever blessed to know you, thus to hold
  • The memory of your beauty, when I found
  • It in your every word and deed so bold.
  • There are better men than I but where are they?
  • None better loves you now and never may.

Copyright John Justice, 2015

Published by Subject and Predicate

The subject and predicate are all, In a sentence of tale short or tall: The subject's "who" or "what," The predicate's the lot, Of everything else - verb and all.

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