Then once I found a diamond on my round

  • Then once I found a diamond on my round;
  • It had a different gleam from all the rest:
  • I picked it up and brushed it off and found
  • It more beautiful than all the others’ best.
  • When I put it in my keep, it said to me,
  • “You don’t know me; you’re better off without.”
  • “I know just what you are and what can be;
  • “Most wonderful,” said I, “without a doubt!”
  • So you see, my Love, I know your soul and you,
  • Though only knowing you for some short Time.
  • That a diamond is a diamond, is most true;
  • That you are you’s a fact that’s most sublime.
  • I knew right from the start your heart was pure,
  • So marry me: let love always endure!

Copyright, John Justice, 2015

Published by Subject and Predicate

The subject and predicate are all, In a sentence of tale short or tall: The subject's "who" or "what," The predicate's the lot, Of everything else - verb and all.

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