The Preposition – Place it before it governs its Name

A preposition is said to “govern” its noun.
  • A preposition before a noun is placed,
  • Relation to sentence thus traced;
  • In, to, by, with, for,
  • Over, under, around, before,
  • In a preposition relation is traced.

“Preposition” means “put before.” “Pre-” means “before” and “position” comes from the Latin verb, “pono, ponere, posui, positum,” meaning, “to put/place.”

The preposition is said to thus “govern” its noun, which follows it. “…to tea,” “at table,” “in house,” “from town,” “with a weapon,” “on the field,” “over the rainbow,” “in a bind,”

The preposition shows “local” relation to its noun.

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