Get Smarter! Take our very informative Class!

Get Smarter!

To make you understand your grammar, so that you can speak better, write better, form the best relationships, do better business, understand people better, make more money, achieve more in your life, take our class!

Course duration: 1 day

Cost: $100 per head

Class size: 10, more or less

Venue: Your work place in Sydney!

It’s pretty certain that you won’t have been in a more enjoyable and, at the same Time, more informative class . You will learn plenty! You will learn so much, you won’t believe you could have learned so much. Full of fun, practical lessons, as well as, really interesting knowledge, and even some wonderful rote learning, which you will come to love, this might be the best class you’ve ever sat.

Venue: Your board room, meeting room, office, or wherever you can fit about five to ten of your people.

  • 8am; Class starts: Introduction; Goals; Method; What is a sentence? Exercises
  • 9am; Eight parts of Speech; Exercises
  • 10am;
  • 11am;
  • 12pm;
  • 1pm; Lunch
  • 2pm;
  • 3pm;
  • 4pm; Composition with instruction
  • 5pm; Composition with guidance
  • 6pm; Finish!

You will exit with a wonderful sense of knowing how to speak in a structured way and a desire to compose well, as well as looking forward to parsing others’ speech to see how they compose showing their true meaning in the words they use.

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