Pincer move – Politically INCorrect Education Regimen

Take our Politically Incorrect course and learn some age-old learning about Grammar and Language! We teach you great and meaningful subjects by a lively method, full of anecdotes, knowledge, poetry, songs and interest. You’ll know your grammar and be able to understand the role of every word in a sentence.

We are not overtly political by any means. Our Political Incorrectness is manifested in our learning Politically Incorrect subjects, namely Grammar and Speech, by Politically Incorrect methods, including rote learning. Besides these are lots of fun and interesting anecdotes and methods to make you learn best.

For well over a hundred years some people have been complaining about education and educational standards in the West. Some of their complaints were reasonable. And with their continuous complaining about education and politics in general they came to power. By the end of the Second World War they were nearly totally in charge of Education. What was their remedy for the dwindling educational standards? The answer can be seen in the nearly complete impoverishment of education in the twenty-first century. The Politically Correct Establishment has absolutely failed in delivering its promised Utopia of a well educated people. They have had their day. We are entering a new Dark Age. But we are fighting against the fostered nihilistic spirit dominant in so many aspects of our lives.

The Subject and Predicate is harnessing the best of Classical education but has clothed it in a fun and interactive format, so as to meet modern Life’s Time restrictions and adult diminution of memory. We are Politically INCorrect and including you in the age-old, tried and tested methods of human learning and growth.

Book yourself into our wonderful Politically INCorrect course now!

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