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There are different types of value. There is economic value, moral value, sentimental value, etc. There is practical value (perhaps not impractical value) and absolute value. There is material value and (not immaterial value but) abstract value. There is value you pay for and receive, and there is value you are paid for and give. And in all of these there is always good value and bad value.

Understanding Grammar is a very valuable thing. To know the way speech is constructed gives you great value in as much as speech is full of ideas called “sentences,” and this will encourage you to think of good, better and best ideas for getting your meaning across, when you’re speaking, and will tell you the ideas going on in the speaker’s head, when another is speaking. Besides the notion of “subject” in the speaker’s head, you will discover the speaker’s feelings, motivations and purposes in the way he uses words, the order he puts them in, the importance he places on certain aspects of his thoughts, what his overall focus is, and his ability to think creatively or not.

You will discover his knowledge of the meanings of words. You might even find out about his sense of humour.

Learning Grammar is both easy and difficult. We speak grammatically to be understood, so we know Grammar at a practical level. When we are young, we copy others. By this hit-and-miss method we learn our practical grammar – the reason, in part, we drop our “g”s, change “th” to “f,” and many others. But to speak well requires conscious training in the “art,” the “technique,” of speaking well. An “art,” from the Latin, “ars, artis,” means a “technique,” “skill,” “practice,” something to be worked at: the “tech-” part of “technique” comes from the Greek and means the same as the Latin, “ars, artis.” “Ars, artis” is cognate with Skt, “rta,” meaning “order.” And speaking “well” may or may not have anything to do with pronunciation: that is “sumfin” “freach” “ta” decide upon for “‘isself.” 

But learning and knowing your grammar, will give you value in the added depth and understanding you will take from any speaker’s words, and will also assist you to give greater depth and understanding in the words you speak.

Language is the main way we communicate meaning. Speech is meaningful language. And Grammar is the science of the Speech of a Language.

Put more meaning in your Life! 

Take our Grammar course, Ten Magical Hours of Understanding, as a valuable gift for yourself. Put more meaning in your Life, by understanding more of others’ speech and communicate more meaning to others in your own. 

No staid and boring class is Ten Magical Hours of Understanding but, rather, however, is it full of interesting anecdotes, tales, stories, tidbits, poems and songs built around the basis of grammar and told from a Classical approach.

Email to book your class either in person, if you live in Sydney, Newcastle or Woollongong, or online.

The cost for such knowledge of years of univerity study and experience of Classics, Classical Languages and Philology is not thousands of dollars, as you might expect, but for the time being only $100 per person.

Book now!

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