de Auctore

The Principal of “Subject and Predicate” read Classics at University for five years. He read Greek for five years and Latin for four years. Taking a very rare opportunity then to read Philology at the same time as Sanskrit and Old Norse, the enthusiastic student profited from the vast knowledge of some really exceptional scholars in the faculty at his great university. The Principal wishes to express his most solemn thanks and gratitude to those great and incredible scholars for the unpayable debt that he owes them. He is hardly worthy of them.

It is for that late humbled student to repay too late something of the enormous legacy of those great predecessors by making available to the public some small amount of their enlightening erudition, so that others might be enlightened in themselves by the ever didactic methods of Classical scolarship and its wider stewardship of nascent Philology and the adulescentum Linguistics, which, like every proud and haughty adolescent, has an inflated opinion of itself and disdains its elders and its learned ancient stories relevant to every facet of living and Life.

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